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May 31, 2018
7:43 PM

For nearly two years, 1-800-BOARDUP has been a much-needed service for victims of fires right in the Quad Cities area – helping to secure properties and support people after these disasters happen. But you may not know how 1-800-BOARDUP works or why it’s so important in the community. Here are six things you may not know.

1. 1-800-BOARDUP witnesses a different side of disasters – the human side.

Mike Whitson is the director of emergency services for 1-800-BOARDUP. And his current position comes after a lengthy career as fire fighter and fire inspector in the region. This experience is important and brings with it a great deal of expertise. It means Mike is intimately familiar with fire, what causes it, and what to do after fire hits. But 1-800-BOARDUP brings an entirely different perspective. It’s about the other side of the fire – and it’s more involved than most people realize. That’s because once the fire is extinguished, the homeowner is left to pick up the pieces – literally. And that can be more overwhelming than ever.

2. 1-800-BOARDUP focuses on immediate needs.

There are many things that a victim of a fire is immediately responsible for – including securing the home and providing for their family’s immediate needs. This can be a struggle for some – but 1-800-BOARDUP can help. 1-800-BOARDUP provides services to keep the home secure and safe – including board-up, roof cover, building wrap, emergency power, temporary fencing, and shoring and stabilization. And beyond physical services, the organization provides victim assistance – providing help to secure toiletries, shelter, clothing and more. This help is often a blessing to families during a challenging and difficult time.

3. 1-800-BOARDUP is about people over profits.

What really makes 1-800-BOARDUP different is it’s focus on doing good and helping people. This focus means that the organization builds trust with victims of fire and the community. It’s something you can see on people’s faces – they are surprised to be given something with no strings attached.

4. 1-800-BOARDUP also supports local firefighters.

Mike has been in the shoes of local firefighters battling dangerous conditions, stressful situations and scorching heat. 1-800-BOARDUP gives an opportunity to support these local heroes, too. In addition to basic assistance at the scene of the fire, 1-800-BOARDUP also supports fire stations and local charitable organizations that need it. This includes education, outreach and financial support.

5. 1-800-BOARDUP is local.

When you call 1-800-BOARDUP, assistance is coming right from within the Quad Cities. The organization operates as a division of Werner Restoration in western Illinois and eastern Iowa. This is one of over 100 local offices across the country, offering 24/7 emergency services for victims of disaster.

6. All it takes is a call.

After a fire, storm or vehicle impact, victims call 1-800-BOARDUP to reach a live dispatch. A local team will be on the scene within an hour to support victims and secure the property.

The bottom line

Since Werner Restoration was started as a family business in 1988, we’ve been giving back to the Quad Cities. 1-800-BOARDUP is another way that Werner supports families and the community. Read more about 1-800-BOARDUP.

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