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May 31, 2018
8:21 PM

It’s time to open the windows and refresh your home for spring. For many of us, that means it’s time for deep cleaning inside and outside our home. But think beyond the basic spring-cleaning list this year. While you are scrubbing and vacuuming and wiping away the grime of winter, add these safety checks to your cleaning schedule. These are easy ways to help keep your home and family safe all year. This will include things you can do to maintain your home that could prevent disaster. The goal is to add these tasks to your list as folks are already spring cleaning.

Clean dryer vent in your laundry room.

Throughout the year, you do hundreds of loads of laundry in your household, which leads to a collection of lint in the dryer vent. This can be a serious fire hazard. Take a moment to clean out the lint while sprucing up your laundry area this spring.

Have your HVAC system inspected – and change that air filter.

In only a few months, we’ll all be switching on our air conditioning. Make sure it’s functioning and safe with a HVAC system inspection. This will give you peace of mind. And while you’re at it, change the air filter – which will improve your indoor air quality this spring and summer.

Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors can truly save lives – but only if they are in working order. They should be installed inside each bedroom, and in the common areas on each level of the home, including the basement. Experts recommend to test your smoke detector every month and change the batteries at least once a year. So while dusting and cleaning, take a moment to check and change the batteries in your smoke detector.

Check your carbon monoxide detector.

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas – dangerous enough to kill you. Install detectors outside bedrooms and on each level of the home. And just like smoke detectors, batteries should be checked monthly and changed each year.

Reseal and caulk around tile, tub and shower.

Scrubbing your tub and tile are very likely part of your spring-cleaning list. Take it one step further and reseal and recaulk around your tub and shower. Over time, this can wear down, which could lead to water damage and mold. By routinely checking and repairing the caulk, you may avoid the costly damage down the road. 

Clean and check drains for obstructions.

Hair and other obstructions in drains can lead to clogging and water damage. Stop the risk before it starts by cleaning drains when you are spring-cleaning.

Check your sump pump to ensure it’s working properly.

Spring rains are hitting the Quad Cities, and that means you want to be sure your sump pump is functioning properly. Here’s how:

  • Fill the sump pit with water and confirm that the float triggers the switch in the sump pump.
  • Confirm that the breaker is on and the outlet providing power to the sump pump is in good condition and working order.

Clean gutter and downspouts.

Outdoor spring-cleaning is just as important as indoor spring-cleaning. First, check to be sure your gutters and downspouts are clear and functioning. You want all water to be taken away from the foundation of your home – to avoid dreaded water in your basement.

Clean outdoor grill from grease and nests.

With summer holidays and outdoor entertaining on the horizon, this is also a good time to be sure your outdoor grill is safe and clean for use. Clean grease and nests from your outdoor grill when you are spring cleaning to keep your home safe from fire.

The bottom line

Disasters don’t always happen in a moment – they can build up over time. And some major issues can be prevented with diligence and routine maintenance. Spring is a perfect time to be sure your home is protected. This can help you save money and can even help prevent firewater and storm damage.

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