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May 31, 2018
7:31 PM

It’s no secret that Werner Restoration has grown a lot in 28 years. In 1988, Founder and President Ken Werner opened this business with one other employee and a desk in the family’s dining room. “I had no idea it would become this,” Ken explains. “I thought I’d have a few employees.” Teresa Werner, vice president and co-founder, agrees. “We never fathomed that we’d hire 40 people.” Today, Werner Restoration is working on as many as 200 jobs happening at any given time time. Services have grown from general construction to include fire, water, mold and storm damage restoration, contents cleaning, and trauma and biohazard cleaning. “There are a lot of moving parts,” says Brent Werner, Ken and Teresa’s son, who serves as operations manager and partner in the company today. (Daughter Hilary works as superintendent and daughter-in-law Becky as office manager. A variety of other family members have also worked at Werner throughout the years.) The business has certainly grown and changed over the years, but the “secret sauce” has remained the same – Werner Restoration remains a proud family owned and operated business. That means customers are truly working with family. Here are a few ways that family-run businesses like Werner are special.

It’s always about relationships.

When it comes to working in the restoration business, Werner employees are working with people who have been dealt a big blow. “When people have a disaster, we help,” Ken says. “We can make a living by helping people.” That doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Over the years, Ken and Teresa have worked long hours and have faced big decisions and challenges. There have been catastrophes that require long hours and sacrifice. But the focus of the work has always been on helping people. And this culture of compassion has continued today. Ken explains: “We are still touching people more than we even realized. I used to shake every hand. As the business gets bigger, you see less of the daily impact. But it’s still there. “

Everyone become family.

This family culture extends far beyond blood relations. Today, customers may not meet Ken and Teresa. But all levels, Werner Restoration is family. “Our employees are all very compassionate,” Teresa explains. Ken agrees: “An employer can only do so much. They treat it as their own.“ Read more about why Werner employees love their jobs, and you’ll immediately discern a culture of caring. When Teresa begins to talk about the way employees care for one another and the business, she chokes up. They’ve walked through health problems, deaths and other challenges together. “We are blessed,” she explains. “It’s like an extended family.”

It’s personal.

In a family business, there’s a lot at stake. Not only are Ken and Teresa building a legacy for their family, but also for the community. Today, businesses call giving back “corporate responsibility.” But for family businesses like Werner, this isn’t about fame or pats on the back. And it’s not new. They support local causes, organizations and community members in need – because they understand that it’s the right thing to do. Giving back is about creating a better community for their own family and employees. And it’s about improving the quality of life for neighbors and friends. “It’s all about taking care of people,” Ken explains.

The next generation matters.

The business has grown and changed, but Ken and Teresa have built a legacy. Family members and employees continue to build and support that legacy each day. This is about more than profits and growth. As the next generation of the Werner family is making their impact on the organization, they are also raising their own children here. “I’m very proud of our children,” Teresa says. “They work hard and have the same passion for the company as we do.”

The bottom line.

While Werner Restoration has adapted and grown substantially, the core values of this family-owned and operated business have remained. And that is what makes the company unique.

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