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May 31, 2018
4:37 PM

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re bombarded with candy hearts, bottles of wine and bouquets of flowers. But for employees at Werner, that love goes further. Because at Werner, we have a team that really loves what they do. That means that actually like to come to work and take pride in a job well done. Here are a few reasons why:

We are capable.

There’s something empowering about a job well done. “When you call us, we can handle it,” explains Brian Werner, a project manager with twelve years of experience. This means that employees feel confident in their abilities and the strength of the company. And the more Werner grows, the better job we can do.

We are never bored.

No one wants to be bored all day every day. But that’s not a problem here. At Werner, our team is constantly on their toes. Each project and every day is very  different. “No job we have is exactly the same,” explains Stephanie Reynolds, a team coordinator with three years of experience. “Every job is very different.”

We have what we need to do the job.

From the proper equipment to comprehensive training , Werner staff have the tools needed to complete a job. This means that when Werner employees go out on a job, they can do it safely and effectively. It also means there are no shortcuts.

We care about each other.

The Werner team genuinely cares about one another. It shows in daily interactions, weekly socials, holiday parties and commitment to philanthropic causes.  And while it can be hard to measure, it matters to those who work here. “The company culture is so important to morale,” explains Brian.

We truly exist to help people.

When you talk to the folks at Werner, it becomes clear that people are the number one priority. When a family or business is experiencing a disaster, Werner helps them get their lives back. This can mean rebuilding a home after a fire, removing water and mold from a basement backup or repairing a business after a severe storm. “Knowing that I’ve helped a family recover – that’s what really matters,” says Stephanie. “I want them to feel like nothing has happened.”

The bottom line

When people love what they do, it means more than job satisfaction or happiness. It also means that the customer gets a better result. Learn more about the services Werner provides.

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