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May 30, 2018
7:00 PM

Fires and other disasters take a toll on more than a home or business. “This is one of the worst day of (families’) lives,” explained Mike Whitson, local director of emergency services for 1-800-BOARDUP. “We want to help them pick up the pieces.” Mike knows how a fire can impact a family. He retired after a career as firefighter and fire investigator/inspector for the Galesburg Fire Department. With 1-800-BOARDUP, he can use his past experience to ensure families are provided for. “After a fire is extinguished, there are some things the fire department can’t do,” Mike explained. “1-800-BOARDUP helps put some order back into the victims’ lives.”

With offices nationwide, 1-800-BOARDUP offers 24/7 emergency services for victims of disaster. After a fire, storm or vehicle impact, victims call 1-800-BOARDUP to reach a live dispatch. A local team will be on the scene within an hour to support victims and secure the property. 1-800-BOARDUP will operate as a division of Werner Restoration in western Illinois and eastern Iowa. “This complements what other organizations are doing with disaster recovery, and most importantly it allows us to do more for victims of disasters,” explained Brent Werner, operations manager at Werner Restoration, Inc. Many homeowners don’t realize that securing the home is their responsibility after a disaster. Boarding up a property protects the home from further damage and intruders.

Services provided by 1-800-BOARDUP include:

  •       Victim Assistance
  •        Board-up.
  •        Roof cover.
  •        Building wrap.
  •        Emergency power.
  •        Temporary fencing.
  •        Shoring and stabilization.

Beyond securing the property, 1-800-BOARDUP ensures victims have what they need in their time of need – including toiletries, shelter, clothing and more. This means that individuals have someone to rely on. “We’re really the victim’s advocate.” said Mike. “But we’re also supporting families, charities and local fire department.” Brent agrees. “This is really intended to complement what other organizations are doing. There are limits to budgets and manpower, and 1-800-BOARDUP can help bridge the gap.”

The bottom line

Since the business began in 1988, Werner has been giving back to the Quad Cities. 1-800-BOARDUP is the most recent way that Werner supports families and the community.

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