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May 31, 2018
4:05 PM

The Werner team encounters hazards every day on the job. From ladders to lifting and from power tools to large machinery, the risks of work in the restoration industry can’t be ignored. “That’s exactly why we have bi-weekly safety meetings,” explains Brian Werner, a project manager with twelve years of experience. “It keeps these things top-of-mind.” Safety isn’t something that Werner Restoration takes lightly. All employees are part of these safety meetings, which cover topics that affect employees, like ladder safety and respirator use. And the training goes beyond a canned presentation. Each training session also leaves time for staff members to share issues they see on the job. This gives everyone a chance to make jobs even safer – by collaborating. “Sharing and talking about safety helps us know that we are in this together –that we are looking out for each other,” says Brian. Here are a few other ways that Werner focuses on safety:

  • Being prepared for specific job situations with the proper equipment.
  • Keeping job sites cleaned up with tools put away.
  • Wearing proper safety gear at all time.
  • Abiding by a dress code– including long pants and steel-toed shoes for protection.

The bottom line

But these safety measures don’t only protect workers. They also keep customers safe and keep the quality of the work high.

“Safety is truly our number one priority,” Brian explains. “I think the training provides real awareness about dangers and helps keep us safe.”

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